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How to survive a long-haul flight

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When travelling to Europe from the United States you have a long flight ahead. Being stuck in an aircraft cabin is not always the best start of your vacation. But then again if you would make a few preparations before the departure you can make your flight a dream. Follow our tips to survive your long-haul flight to emerge refreshed, relaxed and ready to start your European journey when you touch down.


Comfortable clothes


This should be a given – Find a comfortable outfit, that you’ll be happy to wear. Remember that you will be sitting still and be blasted by a powerful AC, and that means it can get chilly. Wear several loose layers of clothing so that you will be able to adjust your temperature as you fly. Don’t wear to tight shoes or consider taking some slipper socks with you, as feet swell at high altitudes.

Travel Light


Keep things to a minimum, it is nicer to travel with one bag as hand luggage where you take only the much needed. Think of your passport, boarding pass, travel documents, headphones, reading something and the necessary beauty items.

Beat the boredom


A first factor that often makes long air travel so unpleasant is undoubtedly boredom. Airline companies often offer a huge range of films, series and games for free. Your journey is guaranteed to go faster, but if these are not at your liking take a book that you have been waiting to read and never found the time for with you, or bring a few magazines with you, some thinking puzzles (sudoku’s, crossword puzzles…).

Download your favorite music and podcasts on your phone. If you are in possession of a laptop, you can certainly consider taking it on board. You can not only continue working but also listen to music, watch movies or play computer games. When using your phone or computer as a form of entertainment on the flight be sure to pack your charges with you as long-haul flights have plugs to charge your electronics.

Stay Active


Nobody likes to arrive tired at his/her travel destination. Yet this is often the case in practice in long-haul flights. You are not allowed much room to exercise, the food is often not to write home about and there is not much fresh air available.

Do stretch exercises and ensure sufficient movement. This prevents muscle pain and ensures that your blood circulates sufficiently. On some planes, there is still room behind the last rows. Try to get a place there. Walk up and down the aisle at least twice an hour. Another option would be to do some stretching exercises on your chair.


Keep Hydrated


A cup of coffee or a glass of wine often feels like ultimate relaxation! Caffeine will certainly not help you to fall asleep, so choose a decaffeinated coffee if you really cannot live without it. Alcohol can dry out your body, so you also must be cautious during a long flight. No alcohol and coffee, but water! Drinking a lot of water on a long flight is a must. The dry air in aircraft can – like alcohol – dry out the body and make the jet lag worse. So be sure to always be hydrated during your flight.


Pre-Order your meal/ Pack your own


If you have a special diet or are vegetarian, it is wise to give your preferences to the airline in advance if they offer that option. Long-haul flights always include at least one meal, if you’re not that fond of airplane food, you can of course always bring your own food and look at the cabin crew to warm it up for you.

Flight Gadgets


To make your flight more comfortable there are some products that you can purchase, such as earplugs, an eye mask and travel pillow or being used more frequently and provided by some of the high-end airline companies at the beginning of the flight.


Enjoy your flight!


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