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Traveling in Europe with Teenage Children

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A family vacation with a young adult isn’t just any vacation trip. It is the perfect opportunity for a leisurely family time building more mature relationships while fostering understanding and care. Adolescence can be challenging for every family member as teenagers struggle to manage moods and fears as they transition into adulthood; it’s an important time period for every individual. A vacation experience with your teenage children will be different than going on a vacation with your toddlers or parents…  

Thinking of heading off to one?
Below, you will find some family vacation ideas with teenagers.  


Scafell Pike, Seascale, United Kingdom


Tips on how to Travel with your Teenager 


Teenagers are expected to be moody, cranky, and stubborn. As parents, we are familiar with the changes they are going through in life, at school, and at home. We can use our experience to ensure that they (and by association, everyone else in the family!) have a great time when planning your memorable family vacation with teenagers.  


Avoid Early Shifts

Its true – teenagers body clock works on a different time scale to most of the rest of Americans! Teenagers usually prefer staying up all night and sleeping in the morning. During vacation time, they may like to catch up on their sleep as they re-schedule their circadian rhythm to the rest of their vacationing family. Planning early morning activities might make your teenager cranky so do avoid early morning starts.  


Internet Access is a Must

This is the multimedia generation. All-day Wi-Fi is an utmost necessity for most teenagers. So, make sure your accommodation has accessible internet. This facility is a must for travel for teens whose whole world will come to a halt if they can’t communicate with their friends on social media, vacation trip images or play their online games.  


Let Them Take the Lead

You are at a foreign place and feelings of freedom and unpredictability may raise one’s confidence to try new experiences. Involve your child in the trip planning. If they are into hiking and wildlife, then plan a day outdoors, perhaps a hike in the mountains or try new hands-on experiences where parents and teenagers participate and learn together. By acknowledging your children’s preferences and opinions, you increase the likelihood of sharing heart-warming, bonding moments with them.  


Wydale Hall & Emmaus Centre, Scarborough, United Kingdom


Tips that Make a Family Holiday Happier 


Give them Space 

Most teenagers like their privacy. Whether you are staying at an apartment, hotel, or rental, make sure you book extra rooms for your children. They wouldn’t prefer cramming inside one room for the whole trip although you may find it easier on the purse. You also have to give them space. Family time and bonding are all fun and amazing, but space is important too.  


Bring their Friend along 

If you involve your children’s friends on the trip, your children will appreciate it even more so. Maybe join up with cousins to cement those family bonds. It is always fun for them to have more company. Friends can make a trip one of the best vacations for teens.  


Focus on Activities 

As adults, we love sightseeing and exploring different monuments and heritage sites. However, our children might find this plan boring so you may have to compromise. Plan a day filled with adventures — you can go swimming, hiking, cycling or surfing. Who doesn’t love venturing into awesome amusement parks? Then spend the next day lounging at the poolside. Take a day or two to plan out activities that will be exciting for the whole family.  


Ideal Travel Destinations for Teenagers 



Spain is known for its exquisite history and monuments. It also has the world’s most fantastic beaches and resorts. Formentera, situated in Ibiza, is one of those places. Celebrities, like Pink Floyd, are known to spend their vacation there. It has one of the clearest turquoise waters, white sand, and amazing party life. So, it has the best of both worlds, i.e., perfect accommodation and a fun place for teens 


TF-21, La Orotava, Spain



The Algarve region in southern Portugal has some of the excellent beach destinations. It’s known for its long summer period, beautiful beaches, and scenic rocks. The most famous beaches there are Ilha da Fuseta and Praia do Carvalho. The multi-hued cliffs, golden beaches, and amazing resorts make Portugal a scenic treat and an ideal option for a teen beach.  


Cais da Ribeira, Porto, Portugal



If you’re looking for a slow-paced heavenly holiday, then this is your haven.  The Atlantic coast has amazing resorts and a commercial market great for teens on the beach. Besides the spacious beach, it has a pine forest, an area for horse riding, souvenir shops, and seafood eateries. With so many options and accommodating venues, it definitely is a remarkable location.  

Family vacations are a good way to spend quality time with your kids.
They lead to great memories and can become an enjoyable yet learning experience for everybody.  


Cassis, France


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