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Blog / When in Rome, Don’t Throw any Straws!

When in Rome, Don’t Throw any Straws!

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Does that sound like a metaphor to you? That may be. But it also happens to be true in case of the Isle of Capri! There are guidelines on everything from eating sandwiches outside to wearing flip flops!

If you are thinking of taking your teenagers to the Italian coast, go over the new rules with them.


Making a mistake may cost you hundreds of euros. 


Capri may be chic in all things, but it is imposing almost draconian rules on the seaside. Your family members could be charged up to €500 if they dare to go picnicking with non-recyclable containers and cutlery. Therefore, on your list of Things to do in Capri, add a postscript about never keeping non-biodegradable plastic around. 

Capri’s law was enforced by the isle’s mayor as May began. Besides prohibiting the use of bags made of plastic, it also bans the use of single-use containers, plates, etc. The mayor thinks there would be a lack of backlash from the tourists and locals. Is he right though? Sure, they may be saving the environment, but can we really live without plastic bags? We have become ridiculously used to them now. 

Capri’s ban wasn’t the first of its kind. Similar measures have been introduced at other resorts. The latest happened in the Tremiti islands. Located close to the Puglia coast, Tremiti authorities fined picnickers €50 each for breaking the rules. We’d advise that while looking for Hotels in Capri Island to stay in, keep in mind that a second-time offense could cost you as much as €500! 

Does that mean Capri should be taken off the list of Places to Visit in Italy? Not at all! The government is trying to ease its citizens and visitors into this change. The small plastic bottles we usually buy and use to carry mineral water have temporarily escaped the ban. However, the mayor expects that to change soon too. So, free water flasks are being handed out to the public 




American tourists should also remember that the mainland in Puglia may be a good place for a vacation. However, it will soon become illegal to sell single-use plastic plates, cups, and straws there. When you visit the place in summer, you may have to invest in Tupperware! 

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Then your itinerary will likely lead you to Florence. Things are even more serious there! Due to crowds of burger-buying tourists always blocking the way, the Florentine mayor has introduced another weird ban. This one prevents tourists such as you from standing in one spot and eating while out in public! If you want to avoid a €500 fine, keep walking as you munch 


Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy


For the politicians in Liguria, the plastic-bringing tourists aren’t the ones angering them. They have beef with the flip-flop wearing visitors who go hiking in unsuitable footwear. Liguria finds it expensive to winch off the tourists when they get stuck. 

We have news for American families vacationing in the Cinque Terre as part of the Trip to Italy. These villages lie on the Ligurian coast with steep mountains hemming them in from behind. According to the government officials, anybody getting stuck on the steep paths could be fined as much as €2,500. The village-folk have had it with rescuing the foreigners who run out of energy. The law is to prevent people from coming in while dressed for the beach before they even get there!  

The mayor of Rome may not be as against the plastic-bearing tourists. But she is fining visitors vandalizing the city’s statues or paddling in its fountains. Tourists caught after their first offense may even find themselves on the mayor’s blacklist of offenders.  


Burano, Venice, Italy


Finally, Venice has been campaigning against tourists upsetting the canal city’s decorum. They are still going strong against sunbathers lounging on towels right in the middle of St Mark’s Square. Venetian authorities also take diving into the Grand Canal to be against good manners  

Follow these rules and you will find a warm welcome from the friendly Italians.

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