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Why Is Everyone Talking About Multigenerational Travel?

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Multigenerational Travel has quickly become a favorite in the past few years. At a time when our lives seem to be getting busier by the minute, families spread out and move away and those strong family bonds so easily become stretched.

With all the daily stuff of life, quality time with the extended family gets overlooked.

A trip away from the daily rituals – whether it’s with your grandchildren, kids, parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle or siblings – on a multi-generational vacation is a great way to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. Time to share discoveries and new experiences, whether big or small, tends to bring out the best in family members of all ages.

But it may need a bit more planning than other trips do. Why? Because members of each generation have their own interests. Therefore, only destinations that have something for all of them are considered Good Vacation Places.


Serra da Estrela, Unhais da Serra, Portugal

It isn’t just the travelers who understand that. Travel agencies such as Finest Journeys are busy tailoring tours to fulfill the needs of vacationing families. Careful planning with your travel agency taking into account the whole family’s wish list for the trip will smooth out the logistics to create a family trip with a lifetime of family memories. So, have you been on such a trip? Or have you wondered about the advantages of traveling together with both older and younger family members?


Why are Extended Families Traveling Together?

Traveling with aging parents or grandparents allows the younger family members to bond with them. For the adult members whose relationships have changed while growing up, these vacations are about reconnecting. Do you want that for your family?
Then don’t just think in terms of the best Family Vacation Spots.


Dénia, Spain

How to Choose a Destination?

When considering Family Vacation Ideas, consider the interests of all the generations going on the trip. What would attract your younger family members? Would they like some extracurricular activities – think hiking. How many of them are interested in sports – how about visiting a major league baseball field?
The same goes for the much older members.

Will they enjoy a genealogical tour or do they want a more hands-on vacation?

Our customers told us that the South West of England was a huge favorite destination for them.
But outside of the UK, Europe was a clear choice for most multigenerational vacation-goers.
Here are some examples showing what Europe has to offer to all generations:

Your family will love Florence, Italy
Here’s why: it is the center of Renaissance culture.
The city is beautiful and an easy, walkable destination. So, the adults in the family will appreciate architectural landmarks. These would include places like the gold-doored Bapistry and the Duomo. Younger members will love how Florence lends itself to selfies.


Florence, Italy

Take your Teens to Croatia
The Best Vacations for Kid’s are invariably ones that catch their interest and keep it! The waterfalls at the Krka National Park in Croatia are wondrous and beg to be captured on film.
Are your teens active on social media?
Then they may love taking selfies and showing off to their friends!

Hvar, Croatia

Tips for Surviving a Multigenerational Vacation

Who doesn’t love spending time with family? But traveling can lead to some hijinks and less-than-comfy situations unless your plans are well thought through. These tips can help smooth those wrinkles away:

Don’t Lose Your Way
A Family Vacation can be much more fun if you don’t lose your way.
The right guide won’t just be able to navigate the terrain.
They will also know the details about it that are relevant to every member of the family and many have been teachers in a previous life so are great at engaging with the children some of your loved ones may be passionate about trying new cuisines, and the guide would know which places to recommend. The history buffs among you will drink up any knowledge the guide may have about the past decades and such.

Don’t Travel too much
Best Family Vacations are recalled so fondly because they involved the right balance between traveling and staying in one place. Sure, visiting a diverse destination is a call for the exploration of its biological and cultural splendor. But the older family members might not want to go gallivanting off all the time. However, if you stay in one place for too long, the trip might become boring for the young ones. So, find a balance!

Rent a castle, palace or chateau
Chill out with the family in a fully serviced castle in Scotland, a chateau in France or palace in Portugal. Finest Journeys is a travel company which has a fabulous selection of fully staffed mansions across Europe where you can spread yourselves out as your family lives like a Lord.


Eltz Castle, Wierschem, Germany


Don’t Lose It!
It won’t matter if you are at one of the Best Family Vacation Spots in the US or UK if the members of a family keep losing their patience at everything that goes wrong.
To them, their vacation may begin to seem like a chore.

While traveling, unforeseen situations are the norm, and you have to be flexible and patient to get through them. And most importantly, don’t lose your good sense of humor. Think of each unexpected encounter as the beginning of another great story. You can regale others with its events once you are back home. For now, be of good cheer!

Are you ready for your multi-generational trip?
We’d suggest bookmarking this guide with you for easy access.


La Folie Douce, Val Thorens, France
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