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Most Unique Things to Do All Over the World

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World travelers have many different reasons for making a trip – usually to broaden the mind, experience new cultures and sights, or encounter wildlife where it rightfully belongs. For those who really want to go off-the-beaten-path, we offer some of the most unique things to do in the world. Why not include them in one of our bespoke tours?

  • Uganda Wildlife like Nowhere Else

Uganda wildlife

For those looking for something completely different, Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa. Source of the mighty Nile River and home to Africa’s highest mountains, it provides an unexpected landscape of alpine lakes, gushing waterfalls, coffee plantations, and lush lowlands. Nicknamed the “breadbasket of Africa”, this is the place to immerse yourself in Africa’s unique wildlife in its own backyard.

Take a personal guided safari to see the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and Cape buffalo) in diverse habitats within Queen Elizabeth National and Lake Mburo National Parks. Visit the Murchison Falls situated on the White Nile River between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert. You can marvel at the noise and spray produced from these mighty falls as they surge through the gorge before plunging over 43 meters to the swirling pool below.

The falls are within Uganda’s largest national park, the Murchison Falls National Park. Keep your eyes open for Nile crocodiles, exotic bird species, shoe-billed storks, hornbills, Rothschild’s giraffes, and fleet-footed Ugandan kob antelope.

Murchison Falls National Park, Pakwach, Uganda

Tours of Uganda also offer the chance to visit the Kazinga Channel, close to the border with Congo. It’s the place to see numerous hippos, crocodiles, and other exotic wildlife. Other activities include trekking in search of endangered white rhinos and learn how rangers take steps to protect the remaining animals from poachers. Alternatively, recreate your own “Gorillas in the Mist” experience in the well-named Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It’s a humbling and thrilling encounter that few people ever get the chance to experience.

  • Ghana’s Colorful Durbah Festivals

Bortianor, Ghana

Those interested in broadening their knowledge will find Ghana is an exceptional place to visit. Rarely featured in the news, Ghana is rich in African Heritage. Its colorful culture and history are particularly interesting for those with ancestral connections to the Caribbean and American plantations.

Join in celebratory festivals and traditional durbars when richly dressed Asante chiefs and elders welcome their people (the word durbar means “reception” or “court”). These events include festivities, music, dancing, prayers, and bonding rituals. It will be an unforgettable highlight in a tour incorporating coastal castles, quiet beaches, colorful markets, and botanical gardens. Don’t miss visiting the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and Museum in the country’s capital, Accra.

Cape Coast, Ghana


  • Impossible Magnetic Hill, India

Ladakh, Leh

For those with an interest in geology and science, Magnetic Hill in Ladakh offers a truly out-of-this-world experience in a country filled with surprises. There’s a stretch of highway on the Delhi to Ladakh route that is well worth making a detour for.

Breathtaking mountain passes and pristine landscapes are dramatic but at one point, a strange phenomena occurs near Leh City. Drivers can switch off their engine and the vehicle will defy gravity and start to move uphill on its own, reaching quite a speed. The encounter is quite surreal and is explained by powerful magnetic forces in the mountains. However, locals prefer to believe it is a gateway to heaven. Not surprisingly, aircraft avoid flying over this area!

This land of myths and monasteries is ideal for trekking in picturesque beauty. Go whitewater rafting, traverse snowcapped peaks and passes, and find spiritual wellness as well as physical and mental benefits. As always, the knowledgeable local guides make every trip a thought-provoking and unique experience.

  • Nazca Lines, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Perhaps your dream destination is to explore the wonders of the ancient civilizations in Latin America. Who could turn down the opportunity to visit the famous Machu Picchu and hike the Inca Trail? Less well-known are the mysterious Nazca Lines, brought to public attention in the Indiana Jones movie Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While the hidden city may be fictional, the strange lines certainly are not.

Created between 55BC and 55AD, the simple lines include shapes of trees, spiders birds, fish, monkeys, lizards, and humans. They are now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walking in the rocky desert landscape does not reveal the clearly defined shapes and patterns. However, once you are airborne you can clearly see and marvel at the precision and design of these huge, often parallel, lines. They scar the rock in strange shapes on the 75,000-hectare plateau. Seeing the lines throws up many unanswered questions. Is this a landing strip for alien space travelers? How were the lines created with such precision without an aerial overview? And what was their purpose?

This is definitely one of the most unique and unexplained places to visit in the world.

  • The Royal Capital of Cetinje, Montenegro

Cetinje, Montenegro

Closer to home, Europe still has many surprises for those looking to see and visit somewhere totally different. Nestled in the mountains at an elevation of over 650 meters, Cetinje is less than 30km from the coast. It’s easy to combine with an Adriatic sailing experience or a relaxing beach vacation.

Dating back to the 15th century, Cetinje is one of Montenegro’s two capital cities. While most tourists flock to the modern city of Podgorica with its trendy bars and arts scene, Montenegro’s royal history belongs here in Cetinje.

Not surprisingly, this city is home to the Blue Palace, the official residence of the president of Montenegro. This pint-sized city is also crammed with museums and institutions that recall its royal past. Visit the lovely Vaska Church and note the fence, built from the barrels of captured enemy rifles! The Cetinje Monastery, founded in 1484, is a focal point of culture and history while the nearby Njegos Mausoleum at Lovcen is a must-see. Take a cool trip underground to Lipa Caves, the largest in Montenegro which has over 2.5km of tunnels and caves.


Whether you visit rainforest jungles, ancient cities, high plateaux, or low-lying plains, the world still has plenty of unique sights to explore.




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