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V-E day 75

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Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of V-E Day. Let us take some time to reflect on the enormous sacrifice of people from all walks of life and praise the courage of those American and Allied troops who gave so much to ensure we can all enjoy the freedom we share today.


American soldiers giving tribute in cemetery


Their resilience lives in men like Captain Tom, 100 year young, raising millions of pounds in England to help the nurses and doctors.

This V-E Day anniversary is especially poignant this year, the brave men and women that have risked their lives in the far away battlefields of Europe are precisely the grandparents we can no longer visit or hug, vulnerable in senior care homes or lonely in COVID-19 isolation – in our cities, towns and countryside.


American soldiers in forest


Every war eventually ends and a year from now when this battle against the pandemic ends in victory, the world will get back to normal. Once again we will walk the D-day beaches, or visit the battlefields across Europe, and enjoy a sweet taste of victory.


Omaha beach American soldier


If you wish to walk in the footsteps of our heroes or you’re interested in history and heritage, contact us. A World War II themed journey across countries such as France, Italy, Poland and Germany brings generations together, teaching the young important lessons of freedom.

Canadian soldiers

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